What We Do

It’s hard to ignore a world in distress.

All the injustices to humanity and the planet can give us a sense of helplessness.

One antidote: helping.

WSI’s six-step process starts with what’s important to you and ends with you making a difference.

Step One: Values

We work together to identify your values and passions. For example:

  • environment
  • human and civil rights
  • health and human services
  • arts, culture and humanities
  • community development
  • political impact

Step Two: Targets

We help you target the scale and scope of impact you’d like to have, whether it be local, national, or global.

Step Three: Your Impact

We help you identify impact activities that fit your lifestyle and aspirations:

  • personal donation
  • donor matching
  • volunteering
  • board membership

Step Four: Research

We dive deep into the research and present you with a customized social impact plan.

Step Five: Intros

We facilitate introductions and forge connections between you and the organizations and individuals you want to support.

Step Six: Evaluate

We periodically evaluate the difference you’re making. We report back on your impact, update goals, and celebrate progress!

Please contact us to create your social impact plan.